A long while!


It’s been a very long while since my last writing. Howdy you, people?

These last 2 months I’ve been struggling back and forth bogor-jakarta-bogor. Yessss… I am officially an employee now! A probation one, but still finally the efforts have been paid off. I’ll tell you about my job later. Since it’s sunday evening already, I’m not in the mood talk about work, hehe.

And fellaaasss.. it is March already! Feels like it’s still November or December. The big fat day is only a matter of weeks. 6 weeks to he exact. 5 months ago, I felt like have done most of my wedding list. Now, I feel like there are many big loop holes in my preparations. I haven’t done this and that. Haven’t thought about this and that. Suddenly details poop into my head. Neck pain, neck pain.

How about abi? He’s fine and we’re doing fine. Still meet regularly only on weekend. Both still busy on working hours and too tired to chat at night. Still throwing arguments and picking fights (me, mostly) about wedding things. But still, above everything else, we are still really-really-really in love, hihi.

It is 9.30 pm and I already feel so sleepy. What a baby. I used to sleep at least on 11. Surely it’s all about being an employee, and not aging *fingers crossed*. I’ll write again soon. I promise. In fact I’m in a state where I need to talk freely about anything I can’t share to others. If you know what I mean.

So, I’ll smell you later!