Wedding Updates

The last time I wrote about the wedding preparation is around October, if I’m not mistaken. So let’s recheck what we’ve done in around 5 months….

The Venue

Alhamdulillah. Everything seems well and smooth in venue thingy. We finally decide to book the third ballroom, consider the number of guest we invite. We’ll invite around 800-1000 invitation (still negotiating with my daddy) and it’ll make the guest around 1600-2000 people.

The Decoration

I finally met Pak Dendy again yesterday and talking about the wedding decoration and concept. I think my concept hasn’t change from the last several months. I still want a javanese-simply-but-glamourous concept. Still want wood element and ethnic atmosphere. And since the IICC’s carpet is already sooo fully patterned, I want just two extras colors in the wedding (beside the wood color, of course). I want white and peach roses.

The Catering

I still hadn’t have a chance to meet Mbak Nina again and sadly when we met Mas Sony, we heard that Bu Rosa has passed away. She seemed sick the last time we met her. This become a note that me and my mommy should pay a visit to Mbak Nina soon, to arrange the menu and give our condolences.

The Documentation

Mas Sony is been very-very-very helpful and cooperative. Thank God we tie a deal with him a long ago. In fact we made a deal with him when we still have a wedding plan at Royal Hotel. Fortunately Mas Sony is also a partner at IICC, so we don’t have to find another vendor.

The Entertainment

IICC also has partners in entertainment. I didn’t see Sony Entertainment on the brochure I got from Bu Inne. But fortunately my friend told me that she also use Sony Entertainment and Mas Sony will pay the charge etc to IICC. We made a deal to use the accoustic entertainment (vocal, grand piano, saxophone, bass, and…..I don’t remember, haha). We get a good deal and great price. Yeay!

The Invitation

My invitations are done last week! I loooove them. The design and everything are all I want. But I haven’t check them one by one, since their color are off white and I’ll give them dirt and stain. I’ll check them when I put the name label then.

The Dukun Manten

Tante Ely is been veryyy helpful. She give many advice to us and have teach us how to do sungkeman. We still have to do some fitting and finalize the wedding costume. I’ll do that later, hemm…

The Souvenir

Beside Moments To Go, we also will give another souvenir for the guests. My mommy told me to find kipas spanyol, which my daddy and Abi not too agree because of the noisy pattern. My daddy and Abi both prefer kipas cendana, which more njawani for them. Last weekend, me and Abi finally pay a visit to Pasar Mester Jatinegara. After fighting the bad traffic jam (everywhere!), get loss because of tukang bajaj, and we finally get (and agree) what we want with the price and packaging we want. Yeay again!

What else what else what else?

I’ll update some again soon. It’s lunch time and I have to do my stomach duty.




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